You are here.

You have visited this page for a reason. Perhaps you are experiencing anxiety or increased stress. Perhaps you have found that your mood is lower and you can't seem to "snap out of it". For many, there are other life stressors going on - at work, at home, with relationships - and it's difficult to to figure out just how to tackle these issues in an objective way.

Some people have been to therapy before and it is a familiar, safe place for them to explore their feelings and challenges. For many others, it is a very new experience and a big step that requires a lot of vulnerability. After all, you are meeting a stranger and talking about very personal issues that you may not have voiced aloud before, even to close friends or trusted loved ones. Often, this very first step of looking into talking to someone is a difficult one, so I'm glad you are here. The next step of deciding to make an appointment is often the most difficult....... But I'm here to tell you that you can do it.

I want to reassure you that therapy can be a very comfortable and reassuring environment. My primary goal is to create a comfortable space that feels calm yet professional. During my first session with you, I will have some general questions that help me get to know some basic information and beyond that, you decide what is most important to talk about. I do not pressure to delve into other areas that you don't feel are relevant or that you would not feel comfortable talking about. This is about you and what you are comfortable with. I want to get to know YOU as a person.

If you are considering therapy but still feel uncertain, consider asking for a phone or video consultation. It's important that you feel a good connection with your therapist and I am happy to speak first before scheduling an appointment. 

If you have any questions about my services or about therapy in general, please reach out and connect. I would love to hear from you.